Ethical Challenges Facing Local Governments in 2020

In the last decade, the advent of social media and other technical advances has challenged local governments to effectively respond to evolving issues; all which have an ethical component that must be considered and defined. Building and sustaining a culture of ethics becomes even more important with the discretion employees must have to fulfill their ever changing public service duties. To define and discuss these ethical challenges, a distinguished and diverse panel of local government managers has been put together to provide an informative and interactive program for attendees. FCCMA members are encourage to register key staff members to attend this important program and to be prepared to contribute to this discussion. Note: attendance will satisfy FCCMA's annual four-hour ethics training requirement.


  • Jeff Green, City Administrator, West Palm Beach
  • George Brown, Deputy City Manager, Boca Raton
  • Jonathan Evans, City Manager, Riviera Beach
  • Marshall Labadie, Town Manager, Highland Beach
  • Brian Moree, City Manager, Atlantis