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2021 FCCMA Winter Institute Webinar Recordings
Crises often present new and unique challenges to local governments. Managers are called to navigate these
challenges and provide innovative solutions for their communities. Communication is at the forefront of the decision-making process in a crisis, and doing it effectively can pave the way for a community’s response. Purchase these recordings of the 2021 FCCMA Virtual Winter Institute to learn how to effectively communicate through a crisis. Participants will explore city/county crisis communications through three lenses:

  • Day 1: Media Communications
  • Day 2: Internal/organizational communications
  • Day 3: Community Communications


Cost for single-day recordings: $50

Cost for all recordings: $100

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3-Day RecordingFCCMAWRWI2104
Day 1 RecordingFCCMAWRWI2101
Day 2 RecordingFCCMAWRWI2102
Day 3 RecordingFCCMAWRWI2103
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