FCCMA Onsite Training in Port Orange

The Benefits of Multi-Generational Work Culture

ICMA Practices: 3, 4, 9, 13

Program Summary

In today's work place, at least four generations of workers interact with each other daily. In addition, more than four generations of citizens interact with employees daily. Is there a difference between generations, really? If so, how? In a despicable era of dividing and generalizing people based upon age, religion, race, and political ideology, etc, what should we be doing to recognize real differences among employees and citizens? Is it important? If so, why, and what should we be doing to ensure that employees are recognizing these differences and the positive outcomes from doing so? This FCCMA onsite training will attempt to address some of these questions and more.

  • Oel Wingo, PhD., ICMA-CM
  • Shwanda Barnette, Communication and Education Specialist, Florida League of Cities University

Recording Coming Soon:
 The post-event recording will be ready one week after the live event concludes. You can order it here and we'll contact you when it's available. Contact Carol Russell with questions.

10/4/2019 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Lakeside Community Center 1999 City Center Circle Port Orange, FL

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