2018 Fall Symposium

Understanding and Preparing for the Cybersecurity Threat

Has your organization ever been hacked? Would you even know? More importantly, does your leadership team understand the strategic business implications — to your constituents, suppliers, employees — of a data breach? We’ve learned (sometimes painfully) that a cyberattack can threaten the very existence of any organization. It doesn’t matter whether it’s public or private…we’re all at risk. Inadequate cybersecurity can jeopardize everything, from your revenue stream to your reputation. As a consequence, your leadership team needs to know enough about cybersecurity to assess and manage its risks before that happens… and how to lead the response and recovery afterwards.

During the symposium, you’ll learn about such topics as: cyber threat; what every executive needs to know; understanding your cyber risk; cyber laws, policies and regulations; how to get ahead of the game; senior leadership responsibilities; social media security for executives; and much more. The program is currently in development, but more information will be available in the very near future. We are planning the perfect symposium for today’s local government leaders – this is a must-attend for all FCCMA members.

There are only two kinds of organizations in today’s digital age…those that have been hacked, and those that don’t know it yet!” - Dr. Mike McConnell, former director of national intelligence, vice chair of Booz Allen Hamilton, and now chair of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity’s Advisory Board.

11/8/2018 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Florida Institute of Technology Harley Room, Second Floor, Denius Student Center 150 West University Boulevard Melbourne, FL 32901

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